• Laravel queue and pusher

    I’ve read an article on Toptal blog about how to handle time consuming tasks in Laravel: Handling Intensive Tasks with Laravel.

    That blog is interesting:

    • the coder uses symfony/process package for handling those long running tasks
    • to notify the users about the process actual state, it’s just calling frequently an endpoint with jquery ajax call.

    In this article I want to show the Laravel way to do this by using the powerful built-in queue and broadcasting systems.

  • Developers's dilemma

    I left my job. It happened a few months back. I wanted to move. Move from that city, move and try something new. Before I get a new job I can work on sideprojects and do some freelancing job. That was the plan, but first I had to make some decisions…

  • Codeigniter 3 and Twitter authentication

    Why Codeigniter? In my everyday job I’ve been using Laravel in the last 2 years. Yes, it is a good framework, lots of functionality, beautiful codebase…, but sometimes it is just feels to much to me. Sometimes I want a more light-weighted stuff. I used to work with Codeigniter a few years ago, so I wanted to try how it feels these days. I can tell you: it feels good :smile:.

  • What I changed in the beginning of 2018

    I changed a few things in the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. Specially in my IT life.


  • Mutable vs Immutable problem

    A few weeks ago I read an article on medium about mutable-immutable objects and why we should care about them. The next day I read it, we got a “bug” in one of our functionality. I made that function and it turned out, it was a mutable-immutable problem.

  • Twitter as comment system

    Yesterday I read a tweet from @freekmurze: tweet

    When I created this little blog site I had the same feeling. I didn’t want to use disqus and I wanted to use the basic GitHub Pages Jekyll functions only. So I decided to use twitter as a small comment system.

    In this post I show you how I did it.

  • Vuejs and SEO with Laravel

    I read this in the Vue.js documentation:

    Note that as of now, Google and Bing can index synchronous JavaScript applications just fine. Synchronous being the key word there. If your app starts with a loading spinner, then fetches content via Ajax, the crawler will not wait for you to finish. This means if you have content fetched asynchronously on pages where SEO is important, SSR might be necessary.

    So I tried it.

    Seo Vue 1

  • Let's try Laravel Echo, Dusk and Vue.js

    The best way to learn new things and features is build something on that feature. Of course you can learn the basics from video courses, but you have to use it to be confident.

    That’s why I create a small “something” to learn and practice how to use and how Laravel Echo with Pusher works. It’s a kind of tutorial for me.

    Comment app gif