I left my job. It happened a few months back. I wanted to move. Move from that city, move and try something new. Before I get a new job I can work on sideprojects and do some freelancing job. That was the plan, but first I had to make some decisions…

The dilemma

Which framework should I use? Should I use framework at all? Ooo and should I use PHP or maybe an other language?

These question were in my head. I think most of the developers have this dilemma sometimes. I read a lot of articles and watched Youtube videos.

  • I heard Rasmus Lerdorf saying frameworks are all suck
  • I read from Pieter Levels that, he built his site in one file
  • I read article against OOP

In my whole developer life I used PHP and frameworks (Codeigniter and Laravel). I learned and tried Ruby and Ruby on Rails and I like that. So I was confused. But than I thought I should give one more chance to Laravel.

I started to read the documentation from the beginning and started to build something. This time it was something new, I was coding in the Laravel way: I used the service container more and more times, I used live facades in the first time in my coding carrier and I wrote more tests than previously anytime.

I knew I found my choice: PHP and Laravel.

I already have one freelance project where I use Laravel and Spark.

I enjoy coding again.